October 2016

Nomano was born out of Syed Masood’s sheer passion towards entrepreneurship during the days of his 9-5 job in a foreign land. Initially started as just another retailer on online market platforms like FlipKart and Amazon, the vision to create an independent platform, and a brand, to reach out to the customers and their interests, became core focus.

Onward Journey.

JUNE 2017

The stepping stone to the next level. Nomano by this time, established itself as a reliable and fast growing retailer in online market. The far reaching potential of the Internet and social media brought out the best of the us, and gave us constant opportunities to improve our relationship with the customers and tend to the ever growing demand of traditional designs and trendy fashion. 

JUNE 2018

Team Nomano was born. Supporting a good business is one thing, but having a dedicated, technically gifted and active team is a totally different picture. Manpower was required to the growing demands and round-the-clock attention, and it was dealt swiftly in timely fashion, all puns intended. 


To bring you the latest, and the best of traditional, and trendy fashion right at your doorstep at the click of a button. Your satisfaction over quality, price and convenience is what drives us forward, and that is the one thing we constantly will be striving for.